So I’ve been a little busy

But that hasn’t stopped me from crocheting! I recently inherited a ridiculous amount of photography/darkroom supplies that I am still trying to figure out what to do with. My bedroom is filled, you can hardly walk in it. And not only that, there is random stuff scattered about the house as well. It’s driving me insane, but don’t get me wrong, I am estatic.

Anyway, I’ve gotten quite a bit of orders this past month… 14 in the month of April, plus there are still some open since February! I’m not doing too, too bad. 🙂

I don’t really have time to write about what I’ve been working on, other than telling you I knocked out a baby sweater and bootie set in one night (which I wasn’t too crazy about), and I’m almost done with another blanket. But I did receive some pictures of my past work in use! So here they are!


This is Jacob when he was just a couple months old, snuggling with the blanket I made him after I found out he was brought into this world. Apparently it’s his favorite little blanket, according to his mommy! This blanket was crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn.


Here’s baby Jacob again, but much more recently. I made him this hoody for Christmas 2011. It was probably too big when I gifted it to him seeing as how he was a tiny little premie when he was born. This hoody was made with 100% USA grown cotton yarn… and is my absolute favorite hoody/sweater I’ve ever made, and probably always will be! If anyone would like to place an order for one, please refer to this one as the Jacob Hoody…. although I cannot guarantee it will be the same exact colors. (The yarn was being discontinued when I bought it).


Now last but not least, meet Cassidy. She was born just a few weeks ago. Here she is snuggled up in a blanket I made for her shortly after she was born. She looks like a little doll! This was crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn.  (The hat is not my work.)

Now I’m hoping more previous customers will start sending in photos too! I love seeing my work in use. 🙂



I decided this morning it is time to start building up an inventory. I plan on vending at a craft fair in Torrington, Ct on June 30th. I do have quite a bit of bulk stuff made, but it’s little odds and ends here and there. So far this is what my inventory looks like:

  • 1 Baby blanket 
  • 3 Cat collars (green, off-white, blue)
  • 1 Adult beret
  • 1 Child scarf
  • 1 Baby hat & sweater set
  • 1 Black bag
  • 1 Binky pin
  • 1 Hat and bootie set
  • 1 Baby beach tee
  • 5 Child hats
  • 1 Slouchy hat
  • 1 Newborn hat
  • 10 Baby hats

I plan on having my inventory looking like:
  • 20 assorted cat toys
  • 10 bow-tie collars
  • 10 baby hats
  • 10 child hats
  • 10 adult hats
  • 2 baby sweaters
  • 10 pair baby booties
  • 2 purses
  • 5 pairs of mittens
  • 3 scarves
  • 10 binky pins
  • 10 stuffed animals

Seems like a lot of stuff, but at the low cost this stuff in particular is costing me to make (since I am using mostly scrap yarn), I am hoping I will have an awesome turn-out. We shall see! 

Crochet Mustache, anyone?


I’ve been trying to find ideas for some simple things to make to sell at craft fairs. This mustache necklace may just be a keeper! Mustaches are an inside joke between me and a girl that have been friends since kindergarten, so I sent her a text after not having talking for months, telling her she will be receiving complementary Crabapple Crochet. She had no idea what I was talking about, but once she saw the picture, she is now dying to receive her mustache necklace in the mail!

Better yet, this was such a simple, easy project. It took me under 5 minutes to make!