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Hey everyone. I’ve decided to put this blog to rest… I felt I needed to start fresh on a blog site that I am a little more familiar with. To keep up to do with that latest updates from Crabapple Crochet, either follow this new link:

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It’s official, I am awful at blogging.

I always forget to update my blog, which seems to be a common problem among all of my friends… At least I haven’t forgotten my password yet, right? Anyway, sorry for such a huge delay in updates. I realized that I haven’t been signed on since September! Since then, I’ve written a few more patterns that you may be interested in! 

I introduce to you…. 

The Slouchy Bow Beanie!


It’s crocheted with a bulky yarn and a 6mm hook. Very simple & works up quickly. 

To purchase, click here.


Welp, I was planning on uploading about 3 more patterns but my computer is being difficult. I’ll add them in later. Time for breakfast! 


Holiday Gift Ideas!

I know it’s still only September, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what to get your loved ones for the Holidays! The sun is surely starting to cool down, and unfortunately it’s that time again where you have to start thinking about hats, mittens, scarves, etc. This is my favorite season, personally & I’m all about winter accessories!

To start this Holiday Gift Idea post, I’m going to talk about the Bellflower Infinity Scarf. I only originally crocheted this scarf the first time because a costumer, Lisa, who hosts craft fairs at her church, wanted one in a color called Woodlands in Tweed Stripes by Lion Brand. She first saw the scarf on Pinterest and fell in love with it, passing it along to me, which in turn, I fell in love with it too. I was never a scarf person, sure I’d make them, but I’d never wear them. This completely changed my mind. I am in LOVE with this scarf! Anyway, enough about me…

This scarf is extremely unique, each scarf I make will never be identical to another. The stitch pattern is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It’s so simple, yet detailed all at the same time. Better yet, it’s a pretty simple pattern to follow.

It’s crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn. It’s very soft and bulky, so without a doubt, it WILL keep you warm on a snowy day, although at the same time, it’s definitely light and airy enough to wear during early Autumn.

The scarf pictured is in Woodlands, which seems to be my absolute favorite. Love the fall colors. 🙂

I am selling this scarf on Etsy for $30 + shipping.

It is available in an array of colors as well!

If you would like to order one, simply click the photo above or click here!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! It means the world to me 🙂

-Christina Bellmay, Crabapple Crochet




Wig for Halloween, Baldy Babies & Silly Kids… & Adults!


Check out this awesome wig by Crabapple Crochet, designed by Simply Collectible Crochet.

This hat is perfect for Halloween, dress up as your favorite characters like Rainbow Brite, Angelica Pickles, Raggedy Ann, or even Pippy Longstockings! Let your imagination go wild, the options are endless! Choose from any color, with any bows, or skip them. It’s totally up to YOU!

This wig is also great for baby shower gifts! Be the talk of the party with this hilarious hat! Mom will never have to be anxious to see hair on those baldy babies ever again!

Not only is this hat perfect for Halloween and babies, it’s perfect for everyday wear for those silly kids… even adults! This hat is available in sizes newborn through adult. Don’t forget, the color options are endless!Order today and get them in time for Halloween!
$16.00 + shipping.

Thanks for viewing!

Halloween is just around the corner!




I started my little home business just one year ago in three days. At that point, I didn’t even look at it as anything more than I crochet, and if you want something, I’ll make it for you for a little cash. It’s crazy how fast things sparked and created something much bigger. And believe me, I appreciate every single one of you. 

Since I last updated this blog, (I am terrible with keeping up to date with these things), I am now unemployed. I quit my job at The Home Depot… but we won’t get into that. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end…” 🙂

I’ve been taking care of a seven and nine year old every day, getting them off the bus, and on occasion, on the bus, like this morning… hence the reason I am up so early updating this. (Although it’s not really that early). Believe me, this life is so much better (and easier) than the life I was creating by working at the ol’ depot. That sucked. Anyway… anyway… ANYWAY…

With all the extra time on my hands I’ve come up and made many, many wonderful things! I’ve been helping Simply Collectible test a few patterns here and there, and they’ve been awesome! Really cute and funny stuff coming up shortly. 🙂

I’ve finally got myself to even crochet some mittens… and scarves… can you believe it? I’ve been crocheting for 11 years and I finally made mittens?! 

Okay, so here’s what this entire blog post is all about:

Halloween is just around the corner. We’ve got a little less than 2 months now…. maybe a month and a half… I don’t pay much attention to time anymore… 

Last year these were a great seller. I’m hoping they’ll be a hit this year as well.

ImageI have these Pumpkin Hats listed in my Etsy shop for $16.00, sizes newborn-child. They are crocheted with a very soft but durable acrylic yarn in colors “pumpkin” and “chocolate” by Loops and Threads Impeccable, one of my favorite acrylic yarns. It’s a very simple hat, but the subtle ribbing creates the pumpkin look, as well as the decreasing stitches in brown up to the very tippity-top of the hat, creating the stem. This hat, oddly, means a lot to me. I posted this hat on my Facebook page one night in September and surprisingly got a few orders for them right then and there! I hadn’t even listed that it was for sale! This little hat started it all. 🙂


Here is another one of my favorite little hats… 


This hat was originally a custom order for a little girl I babysit from time to time. I was asked if I could do a little puppy hat and sure enough, I found the perfect pattern from Simply2Irresistible. Not only was I in love with the finished product, but Hailey and her mom were thrilled, too. I listed the Patchy Puppy Hat in my Etsy shop as well for $18.00 sizes newborn-child. It is crocheted with an extremely soft acrylic yarn that I think has a sort of shine to it. From what I can tell, the hat always has that “just finished” look to it. It’s funny, I have this weird thing against Red Heart yarns for some weird reason (I don’t really have a reason to hate it, I just always seem to find something I think is “better”). Until I found this yarn, I completely changed my mind. I use Red Heart Soft for these adorable puppy hats, and it has also become a favorite yarn to use while crocheting. (The list of favorites goes on and on and on and on…)

Anyway, I received my very first Halloween order on Etsy over the weekend. It was an order for one of these hats. The lady who ordered it wrote me a little note at check-out, saying that her 3 year old daughter was dressing up as their white lab for Halloween, and that this hat would be perfect for the costume.

How cute is that? 


Last but not least, this hat was designed by Simply Collectible

ImageThis was one of the few finished products from a pattern I tested. This is probably the funniest/cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Total genius idea, no? Anyway, this Girly Wig Hat is also listed in my Etsy shop for $20.00 from sizes newborn-child.It is crocheted with, yet again, a very soft acrylic yarn. Perfect for Halloween, baldy babies, or just plain ol’ silly kids! I’m really hoping these will be a hit at the upcoming craft fairs I will be vending at! 


Oh, about those craft fairs! My first one of the season is September 15th.. just about a week and a half away! I will be vending with Maraknit, my best friend who knits a variety of baby items. This “fair” is actually an annual BBQ that the church up the hill in Plymouth, Ct, hosts… but this year they are doing it a little differently by adding local vendors. Hoping we do well!

Next month we will also be vending in Riverton, Ct across the street from the Riverton Fair.  This is the first annual “flea market and vendor fair” hosted by the American Legion. The flyer I was given attached to the application says the fair across the street brings in over 20,000 people to Riverton every year! That’s a HUGE amount of people for a tiny little town that no one knows about! 

Anyway, that’s all for now. Time to go work on some more orders! 

Tis the season 😉





Newborn Peacoat & Newsboy hat

A very special baby boy is going to be making his appearance soon so I thought I’d whip up something extra cute for him. This is what I ended up doing: 


It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my wordpress… But this was definitely worth it to log back in and take the little extra time to blog about it. I love this little set so much I almost don’t want to gift it!! I want to make another in a different color. I even made a “made to order” listing for it in my etsy shop! I can make this in any color for both boys and girls, but only in newborn size. This also makes a wonderful photography prop… It is crocheted with very soft acrylic yarn. 

Hope you all enjoy!



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So I’ve been a little busy

But that hasn’t stopped me from crocheting! I recently inherited a ridiculous amount of photography/darkroom supplies that I am still trying to figure out what to do with. My bedroom is filled, you can hardly walk in it. And not only that, there is random stuff scattered about the house as well. It’s driving me insane, but don’t get me wrong, I am estatic.

Anyway, I’ve gotten quite a bit of orders this past month… 14 in the month of April, plus there are still some open since February! I’m not doing too, too bad. 🙂

I don’t really have time to write about what I’ve been working on, other than telling you I knocked out a baby sweater and bootie set in one night (which I wasn’t too crazy about), and I’m almost done with another blanket. But I did receive some pictures of my past work in use! So here they are!


This is Jacob when he was just a couple months old, snuggling with the blanket I made him after I found out he was brought into this world. Apparently it’s his favorite little blanket, according to his mommy! This blanket was crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn.


Here’s baby Jacob again, but much more recently. I made him this hoody for Christmas 2011. It was probably too big when I gifted it to him seeing as how he was a tiny little premie when he was born. This hoody was made with 100% USA grown cotton yarn… and is my absolute favorite hoody/sweater I’ve ever made, and probably always will be! If anyone would like to place an order for one, please refer to this one as the Jacob Hoody…. although I cannot guarantee it will be the same exact colors. (The yarn was being discontinued when I bought it).


Now last but not least, meet Cassidy. She was born just a few weeks ago. Here she is snuggled up in a blanket I made for her shortly after she was born. She looks like a little doll! This was crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn.  (The hat is not my work.)

Now I’m hoping more previous customers will start sending in photos too! I love seeing my work in use. 🙂